Beyoncé & Gwyneth Paltrow: On The Run Together

beyoncePhoto: REX USA/Richard Young/Rex.
BFFs Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé have consciously escaped to a fancy California retreat. No reports have surfaced as to how this came to be, but we imagine it went down something like this: Beyoncé was just wrapping up a day at her Manhattan office when her iPhone started buzzing. "Gwyneth" illuminated her screen. She answered hesitantly, afraid Ms. Paltrow might have indulged in one-too-many American Spirits, and Bey would have to, like any good lady who brunches, tell Gwyn that life goes on. (It wasn't even Saturday.)
Unnamed sources have reported that Paltrow, in a post-Tracy Anderson workout endorphin rush, booked a "four-day visit to [an] exclusive retreat" for the pair. The Daily Mail reports they "are expected to meditate, go on long walks, and sample local wine."
Considering the past couple of weeks Beyoncé has had — between the leaked footage of the elevator drama and the looming start of the On The Run tour — a long ladies weekend seems like just the trick to get her energy back. Jaunts along the California coast while musing over whether non-GMO Brussels sprouts are a healthy post-ananda-yoga-session treat are said to really do the mind some good. Expect Goop's next newsletter to feature a full rundown of the luxury weekend, and a primer on how to bottle your own vitamin D for those occasional glum days. (Daily Mail)

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