Why We’re Surprised That Kristen Bell Spoofed Jay Z & Solange

The whole Jay Z/Solange Knowles elevator scuffle is pretty much old news now. But, that didn't stop last night's CMT Music Awards from beating that horse to a gluey pulp.
As part of her opening intro, host (and genuinely amazing creature) Kristen Bell stars in a skit that sees her patiently waiting for an elevator. Security camera footage, meanwhile, reveals what is going on in the lift: a knock-'em-out punchfest between country crooner Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. When the elevator doors finally opened, Bell looks on in shock as Bryan says, "What happens in the elevator stays in the elevator." Or not.
It's not a particularly funny or clever skit, but that's not the main issue. The puzzling thing is that Bell agreed to participate in it at all.
The actress is an outspoken and thoughtful champion of protecting families from intrusive paparazzi. She and husband, Dax Shepard, launched the #NoKidsPolicy to deter media outlets and photo agencies from printing or taking images of celebrity children. This spring, Bell emotionally recounted her "terrifying" experiences of being followed by paparazzi while alone with her infant daughter, Lincoln. She and Dax also vocally stood up against the absurd bidding war for child photos, pointing at those who purchase them at high prices for publication, too.
The Jay Z and Solange Knowles skirmish doesn't involve children, but it does center around a family's personal dramas and their right to keep that private. A security tape that was procured illegally, without consent, and breaching the privacy of a family seems like just the sort of thing Bell would be raging against. True, children weren't involved here, but none of the parties in the leaked video were willing participants, either. The quarter-million dollar price tag the video netted also speaks to that dangerous economy of illegal pap photos.
To be clear, Kristen Bell is the best. But she — in particular — has also taken a firm stance against this specific type of paparazzi coverage. So, is starring in this spoof for the sake of a few cheap laughs hypocritical? Or, does fighting for the respect of one's personal privacy only extend so far? (People)

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