What Happens When Women Look At Their Vaginas For The First Time

Five women with hand mirrors walk into a "vagina booth." Their task? To look at their vulvas for the first time.
It's no joke; in fact, it's a heartwarming video shared by Women's Health. The vagina booth was the result of a Craigslist ad — posted by YouTube personality Davey Wavey — seeking women who had no idea what their vaginas looked like (this is more common than you might think).
The women all came to the booth with different reasons for why they hadn't previously explored their vaginas, including personal stories of rape, emotional abuse from former partners, and body image concerns. What they discovered when they finally looked down is both moving and empowering. “She looks really happy,” says one woman of her vagina. “I don’t know what I was freaking out about,” adds another. “Learning more about my body is definitely going to help me,” concludes one woman.
Click through for the rest of the vagina-discovery story — and if you haven’t already, maybe grab a mirror to take a closer look at your own. (Women’s Health)

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