Chloë Grace Moretz Is The Wisest Teen Star Ever

1chloePhoto: REX USA/Picture Perfect.
Note to Charlize Theron: This is how you complain about fame taking over your life.
Child stars get a bad rap, but it's clear that Chloë Grace Moretz has her head on straight. The 17-year-old actress sounded wise beyond her years when she spoke about protecting her privacy in a press conference for her latest film, Cannes standout Clouds of Sils Maria.
The Carrie star admits to being bullied by so-called fans and paparazzi. "They’ll be like, 'You have to give me a photo,'" she said. "'I buy a ticket to your movie. I, in a sense, own you. If I don’t buy a ticket to your movie, you’re done — so you have to take a photo with me.' There’s a lot of entitlement, especially nowadays, in Hollywood, because they think they know everything about you. They think that because you have an Instagram, they can go break into your house. 'You let us in! I’ve seen your house on your video!'”
Rather than courting fame, the teen says it's best to keep everything on the down-low — especially when it comes to relationships. In other words, you won't see her posting any smoochy selfies.
"If you keep it quiet and you don’t make a fool of yourself, it’s not that hard,” Moretz explained. “Keep it at home — you don’t have to go out. You don’t have to be making out in public like a weirdo! I hate that stuff. Sure, hold hands if you want to. Just know what you’re doing. If you really love someone, you may not want to make it that public, because it can bring everything down. The minute that one million Twitter followers get involved, the relationship’s no longer about you guys.”
From the sound of it, there's no need to worry that this young actress will be the next Lindsay Lohan. She actually sounds like the next Natalie Portman.
“Kids my age aren’t interested in the drug addicts who mess up," she said. "My generation, the Elle Fannings and me, all the girls that are working so hard in this business, that’s who these young kids are interested in. They want to see the go-getters. This is a generation that is not out for any BS.”
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