Kendall Jenner Is Now Officially En Vogue

The world's most sought after 18-year-old with a skill for snagging headlines just scored a gig that took her older sister more than 30 years to land. Kendall Jenner is in Vogue. It's French Vogue, so it's not Anna's Vogue, but it's something Vogue, right?
Anyway, if you happen to abide by the Carrie Bradshaw "sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner because I felt it fed me more" way of life and find yourself paging through the upcoming June/July issue of French Vogue, you'll come face-to-face Jenner. She won't make eye contact with you because teen angst still reigns supreme in model world, but you can probably see yourself in the reflection of her shiny, slick-backed hair if you tried.
All snark aside, this is pretty huge for the model/TV personality. It marks yet another step away from the rest of the Kardashian krew and further development of her own personal brand. If it's becoming a lot to, uh, keep up with, look no further than this here primer. Whether you'll admit it or not, you'll see why the rest of the world has turned their attention to this krew member over the others now that Kim's matrimonial saga has come to an end.
Photo: via @krisjenner.
Photo: via @kendalljenner.

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