Cecil Delevingne’s First Month Of Existence Has Been A Mixed Bag

Cara Delevingne's bunny, Cecil, made his Instagram debut in early May and already has 72,250 followers. Don't get it twisted, though; the lifestyle of the rich and hirsute doesn't come easy. While taking a meeting at Mulberry recently, Cecil found himself stuck under the office's floorboards until a maintenance crew could set him free.
From a Daily Mail source (likely Cara; see usage of "just hanging"): "He was happily eating the celery out of the Bloody Marys and just hanging with everyone. He was hopping around into everyone's lap, and then Cara put him down on the floor so she could take a few pictures." Pause for dramatic effect. "It was then that he saw his moment," specifically, an air-conditioning pipe, and, "[b]efore anyone could do anything, he had launched his back paws and scuttled over to it."
After Cecil's rescue, Cara attended a rehearsal for her sister Poppy's wedding to James Cook at St. Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, in London's West End. The rabbit may or may not have attended the first round of nuptials — we wouldn't know, thanks to Poppy and James Cook's social-media ban. But, the couple threw a second, Instagram-welcome wedding (cue "blessed" hands!) over the weekend at Marrakech's La Mamounia hotel. Cecil packed a pair of "Where's Wally?" Havaianas for the desert rave.

We're glad to see he has recovered from his AC ordeal.

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