Kanye Drops A New Track, Just In Time For You-Know-What

If you're opposed to Kimye but very much in support of Kanye, this is the news item you need this weekend.
Ye Olde Yeezus just gave us a sneak peek at a new song that's part of an Adidas commercial for the brand's "The Dream" campaign. Yes, the track features his usual boasting ("God level" is hardly a surprise coming from Kanye at this point). But, the hectic noise and the video itself both hint at some of the chaotic tension building up around the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. The Cup, which has been at the center of some controversies that sound very familiar to fans of a certain winter games, takes place this June.
And, while the depth of Kanye's partnership with Adidas' extensive World Cup campaign has yet to be revealed, this could be just the beginning. If Brazil can squash enough rioting to make it safe for his Highness to land, perhaps we can even expect a surprise Kanye performance?

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