Why This Kitchen Utensil Might Be Your Skin’s New BFF

The benefits of facial massage are well documented: Acolytes swear it improves circulation to the skin, removes toxins, and improves the tone of facial muscles. (And, if you need proof, the gorgeous Hilary Rhoda swears by it.) But, while we thought we'd heard everything about circulation-stimulating face massages, this video still stopped us in our tracks. A "slimming" facial massage using a ceramic soup spoon? That's a whole lot of weird in one (slightly creepy) YouTube video.
In the tutorial, user Wengie instructs viewers on how to get a "slimmer" face using a Chinese ceramic soup spoon and facial oil. After a seemingly never-ending sequence of Wengie's video selfies, the vlogger explains that this massage technique gives you a V-shaped face, a rising beauty trend in South Korea. Women are so devoted to this so-called beauty ideal that jaw-slimming surgeries are now a common practice in the country.
While we would never advocate going to those extremes to follow a misguided beauty trend (we're not big on someone dictating what a beauty ideal is — there are too many diverse, gorgeous faces out there for anyone to say one feature is better than another), this massage method seems like a (much) more low-impact way of de-puffing and adding definition to the face. And, it seems pretty simple: Wengie demonstrates that the massage technique basically involves dragging a soup spoon across your face and using an oil to prevent too much friction.

Though we can't say we endorse the whole face-slimming concept, we will admit this video was kind of mesmerizing. Using a ceramic spoon to release facial tension is pretty genius, and it actually looks pretty relaxing. We think we'll be giving this massage method a go — just don't blame us if we end up with a hankering for soup after the fact.

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