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How To Get Beyoncé-Perfect Skin, Straight From Her Makeup Artist

bey-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Cloutier Remix/DFree.
We're all well aware at this point that our friend Beyoncé #wokeuplikethis, looks #flawless, and is basically synonymous with physical perfection. Yet, even though Queen B is the picture of greatness without wearing any makeup whatsoever, there are a few key products behind that signature velvety complexion, according to Francesca Tolot, Beyoncé's makeup artist and beauty director at Line Magazine, who generously spilled her best tips to us in a recent interview.
Tolot explained that, before prepping Bey's skin, she starts by ensuring that her foundation is the exact right shade. (This, the makeup artist dishes, is often the difference between "Wow, your foundation looks great!" and "Damn, girl. Your skin is perfection.") "The No. 1 rule: Make sure your foundation matches the color of your neck, because your face is typically darker than your neck," explains Tolot. "Or, if you match the color to your face, be sure to apply foundation to your neck as well to create a seamless look." If you're not sure if your shade works on both your face and your neck, Tolot suggests applying a dot of foundation to your chin (on a bare face) and looking in the mirror. You'll be able to tell quickly if the shade is a perfect match.
According to Tolot, Beyoncé's primary skin goal is to look glowy and well moisturized. (Isn't that true for us all?) So, Tolot always begins with a hydrating foundation — she loves Chanel Perfection Lumière, which has an illuminating primer built into the formula — applied in a thin layer to ensure that Bey's real skin still shines through. Instead of using powder, Tolot absorbs any excess shine with a tissue, which prevents a cake-y, obvious finish.
Finally, for that perennially just-back-from-vacation glow — seriously, doesn't Bey always look like she just stepped off a boat in St. Barths? — Tolot applies NARS Laguna Bronzer all over B's face with a fluffy powder brush. She finishes with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, which adds that candlelit luminescence.
And...that's it. No crazy contouring shenanigans — just a few key products applied with a light hand. Sure, we may not all be touring with Jay this summer, but we can still get in on that genius bronzing/highlighting game. This is almost as good, right?

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