Shailene Woodley’s Clay-Eating Irks David Letterman

Shailene Woodley's made no secret of her crunchy, eco-friendly lifestyle. She enjoys nude sunbathing, makes her own toothpaste, and counts foraging for herbs as a favorite activity.
Unfortunately, David Letterman isn't exactly a kindred spirit. The curmudgeonly Late Night host couldn't resist taking the Fault In Our Stars actress to task for her habit of eating clay. Appearing on Monday's show, Woodley gamely stood up for her unorthodox diet, arguing that clay is a traditional remedy used by many cultures to help the body "excrete" toxins. (Side note: What is it about Letterman that makes starlets want to talk about poop? Remember that whole Jennifer Lawrence confession?)
In Woodley's defense, she orders her clay online and uses just a teaspoon of it to make her all-natural toothpaste. It's not like she's spreading it on toast. Letterman can kind of get behind that, but he's still a bit incredulous. He suggests she try Metamucil instead. (Crushable)

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