Kim Kardashian Just Won Throwback Thursday

It's time to start a slow clap for Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately, there isn't an official prize for the best #TBT, so that will have to do for now. The reality star finally gave the people what they want — at least when it comes to her Vogue cover. (The public is still waiting for the juicy details about her upcoming wedding.)
In honor of the weekly meme, Kardashian posted a fascinating picture from the early stages of that infamous magazine appearance. "#TBT when Anna met North! Oh and told us about our Vogue shoot!" she wrote. "#BestDayEver #Vogue #NorthOnlyPayingAttentionToHerDaddyTakingThePic."
It's easy to get carried away obsessing over North in all her cuteness, but it's important to keep an investigative eye here. Specifically, on Kardashian and Wintour's smiles — what could they possibly be thinking? The sheer fact that the famed editrix let down her icy guard — and near a baby no less — is enough to cause a stir. Are they laughing about about all the money they're going to make off the cover? Are they thinking about all of us commoners who are subject to their every whim? Or, are they smiling simply because Kanye is being such a nerdy dad taking all the photos? These are answers the public may never know.

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