Obama & Justin Timberlake (*N)Sync Their May Love

It's gonna be a good May, y'all. And, we've got the Instagram photo to prove it. First, a little back story.
Way back in the early aughts, a trend seeped its way into pop music. Suddenly, major artists thought it okay to tweak the pronunciation of certain words central to our vernacular. Michelle Branch would drag her vowels to lift off with an "uh," making a casual "you," "you-uh." But, it was a certain pop power couple that gave us a whole new way of referring to ourselves.
For that brief moment in time, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake pronounced "me" as "may." It was Timberlake's authoritative "it's gonna be may," from *NSYNC's smash hit "It's Gonna Be Me" that birthed the meme we know and love today.
Yesterday, April 30, a photo on President Obama's Instagram feed almost broke the Internet with a reference to the superstar's now famous pronunciation. He (or, you know, his people) shared a snap of the prez and JT giggling at something on Timberlake's phone. Never mind Queen Latifah lookin' fly with the first lady in the background, it's Obama's caption — "It's gonna be May" — that wins the day.

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