Hollywood's Leading Men Help Obama Fight Sexual Assault

Back in January, President Obama promised to create a task force to research the problem of sexual assaults on college campuses and come up with concrete action points. Today, though, his administration has pulled out all the stops — and brought some famous friends along for the ride.
First, Vice President Joe Biden gave a lengthy speech outlining a number of best practices for colleges dealing with sexual assault cases. Recommendations include implementing a uniform set of prevention policies in schools across the country, as well as the widespread adoption of anonymous sexual assault surveys. Although these are just guidelines as of now, pundits expect the administration to pressure Congress into passing legislation that would make these practices mandatory for all American colleges.
And, the administration didn't stop there. Biden made some calls and roped in a bunch of famous Hollywood stars to help him spread the word that "no" actually does, in fact, mean "no." Steve Carell, Seth Meyers, Daniel Craig, Dulé Hill, and Benicio Del Toro joined the President and Vice President in a clear, concise PSA aimed at reducing sexual assault on campus. Their clip is the second in the administration's "1 is 2 Many" campaign; the first clip featured star athletes such as David Beckham, Jeremy Lin, and Eli Manning.
What do you think? Did the administration go far enough? Sound off in the comments below.

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