Watch Porn, Save The Planet?

ipadPhoto: Courtesy Of Pornhub.
Whether it's unethical shooting practices or scenes that promote violence against women, many aspects of the porn industry give it a decidedly bad rep. Of course, here at R29, we like to focus on the positive side of pornography: It has helped start conversations about safety practices, kinks, and fantasies, and some productions even foster sex positivity.
A recent move by PornHub is another solid entry in the "pro" column. In honor of Arbor Day on April 25, the site is "doing what it does best and giving America some serious wood." No, you guys, not that kind of wood. It promises to plant a tree for every 100 raunchy videos watched by this Friday.
Publicity stunt? Definitely. But, America's getting a lot of new trees out of it: At publish time, the company had pledged to plant 12,482 new saplings. (A bit of fine print: the videos must be from the "Big Dick" category. You may or may not like to know that "bushes are optional.")
This isn't the first time PornHub has gotten cheeky in its efforts to attract visitors. It just gave Belle Knox a swell-sounding summer internship, and formally refused to post a potential or hypothetical Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez sex tape, because of "Bieber's gross behavior." The X-rated resource is also no stranger to controversy, having made an ill-advised rape joke that set Twitter on fire back in February. But, we think it's great that the company is doing its part to make the world a greener place. If "Big Dick" videos are just not your bag, try these alternative options made with women in mind. After all, there are other ways to help save the forests.

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