The Olsen Twins Make Rare TV Appearance, Decide Who's The Better Dancer

It's not every day we get to see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on TV. Well, besides those Full House reruns we watch every night. In fact, the two haven't done a talk show since they appeared on Ellen way back in September 2010. But, this week they took time out of their hectic lives to support their new fragrances.
The Olsens visited their old pal Ellen DeGeneres, and agreed to play a fun little game called Me Or Her. It's pretty much what it sounds like — Ellen gives MK&A a question, and they have to decide which twin it applies to. We love the cute paddles, but we also appreciated the chance to get to know a little more about these fairly private celebs.
For example, we learned they both think they're the messiest twin, and neither one can remember her first kiss. They also decided that Mary-Kate is the Olsen with the best dance moves, and both aren't very good at singing after all. But, wait — does that mean we have to get rid of our old Brother For Sale cassettes?

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