How Lindsay Lohan Can Win The Internet, Right Now

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Now that Lindsay Lohan's stint as a reality-TV star has come to a grim end, it's time for her to lighten things up a bit. Instead of making another misguided attempt at movie stardom and winding up in one more film like The Canyons, it may be more productive for LiLo to start small. Like, real small. So, we made a list of the five things Lindsay Lohan should do right now.

Do A Reddit AMA

While Lohan’s recent streak of TMI has left little to the public’s imagination, Redditors have shown a knack for getting to know celebrities in a far-less-seedy way than your typical tabloid exploits. The now-ubiquitous public Q&As would be a good way to hear Lindsay talk about something other than alcoholism, sex lists, and Oprah. Does she prefer Tina or Amy? That’s the real question.


More Mean Girls Nostalgia, Please

Our obsession with Mean Girls is stronger than ever, as proven by the near-meltdown that occurred when Lindsay Instagrammed this photo with fellow North Shore High School alum Daniel Franzese. Just imagine what would happen if she and Rachel McAdams got together for a Cady/Regina selfie? Bye-bye, Internet.

Disappear (For A While)

It’s becoming harder and harder to remember that brief moment in time when Lindsay Lohan was a movie star, but somehow she’s managed to remain in the public eye as everything but. If Lohan truly wants to remind everyone that she can act, maybe she needs to make us forget her first. We hear New Zealand is gorgeous this time of year.

Have A Game Of Thrones Geek-Out

Whether she starts palling around with Maisie Williams or makes some acrylic Tyrion Lannister fan art, showing us that she's just as obsessed with Game of Thrones as we are will make Lindsay just the coolest ever.

Write A Fashion Column

While getting Lindsay to pen an advice column for a magazine might be hovering near tricky moral territory, the noted clotheshorse would be ideal to write about fashion. Wait, are we hiring?

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