'90s Boy Band Members Who Are Still Smokin'

If we had to describe the contents of our bedroom during our teenage years, we'd have a list of strange-yet-wonderful items. These include a wealth of butterfly clips, a hefty supply of roll-on body glitter, and some unfortunate lip colors. Oh, and let's not forget a wall full of photos from Tiger Beat featuring our favorite boy band stars, of course. Granted, many of these items didn't make it past high school graduation. (We've all gotta grow up sometime, right?)
But, while our Bath & Body Works products are sitting in a box in our parent's basement (next to carefully rolled posters of Boyz II Men), our crushes on the members of 98 Degrees and Hanson have lasted. Luckily, there's a solid handful of them who ditched the puka necklaces, acid-washed denim, and frosted tips for a more stylish and sophisticated look. Ahead, 11 guys who got better with age.

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