The Human Barbie Posts A #NoMakeupSelfie — Irony Alert

EmbeddedSizedPhoto: Via Facebook.
Well, that's one #NoMakeupSelfie we didn't expect to see. The Human Barbie (otherwise known as Valeria Lukyanova), a woman obsessed with creating an idealized version of herself, recently posted a photo of herself without her signature heavy makeup and perfectly styled locks. And, we have to admit that we're a bit confused.
Is Lukyanova on a mission to prove her otherworldly, buxom-doll-like looks by showing that, even without pounds of makeup and pink co-ordinated outfits, she's still the image of perfection? We can't tell if Lukyanova is trying to prove her humanity, or if she is simply attempting to establish that she doesn't need all of the artifice to maintain her image. This isn't exactly a typical no-makeup selfie — with her sexualized pose and barely-there, black bikini, she doesn't seem to be trying to show that she's "just like us."
Far be it from us to say whether Lukyanova looks "better" or "worse" without makeup. (You know by now that we're very against the idea that the presence or absence of makeup dictates a woman's attractiveness.) And, we're all for the no-makeup selfie, whether it's a #humblebrag or a catalyst for cancer awareness. But, this makeup-free image of a woman whose entire life seems to be devoted to extreme artificial enhancement of her appearance just might take this trend to a place where it was never supposed to go. Ironic, indeed. (The Huffington Post)

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