5 Delightfully Absurd Celebrity Twitter Accounts

There's a reason famous people employ PR companies. Sans handlers, celebrities are just like you and me, prone to mistakes and Shrek-sized foot-in-mouth foibles — especially on Twitter.
And, whether they mean it or not, that often equals comedy.
We know this about Jaden Smith already. His sage-ish tweets — e.g., "Pay Attention To The Numbers In Your Life They Are Vastly Important" — have recently become unlikely date-catching fodder on Tinder. (Still, that didn't stop us from including him here.)
We rounded up a few others celebrities who buck the grammatical, structural, and downright logical conventions of Twitter, the English language, and common sense in favor of being exactly who they intend to be.
Forget Kanye. These are the delightfully absurd feeds worth following.

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