Taylor Swift Adds Cara Delevingne To Her Bestie Network

FFN_Swift_Taylor_SVG_040914_51378698Photo: Fameflynet pictures.
It's official. Taylor Swift is bogarting every cool female celebrity under the age of 25. While some might say, "Hey, I'm buddies with Selena Gomez!" and call it a day, there's just no stopping the 24-year-old singer from adding new pals to her inner circle. If she's not hitting the beach with Lorde, she's baking with Hailee Steinfeld or road-tripping with Karlie Kloss. Now, she's recruited none other than Cara Delevingne for a New York City shopping excursion.
Swift and her new supermodel mate (wearing Another8's Carmen Jacket) were spied hitting the shops in the Meatpacking District this week. Did they just bump into each other in the changing room? Was it a pre-arranged playdate? And, does Cara D. know that she's up against, like, 15 other girls for Tay's top spot?
While we brace ourselves for next week's photos of Swift grabbing brunch with Grumpy Cat or hitting up a Zumba class with Kristen Stewart, we have to ask: How does this girl keep track of it all? There's got to be a beleaguered assistant out there frantically jotting down each new secret nickname and inside joke. The phone calls alone must take up half the day.
Maybe we're just a little jealous of the Nashville gal's social calendar. Considering that both she and Delevingne dated Harry Styles, their retail therapy sesh must've been a juicy one. (Hello!)

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