Dads Of Brooklyn: Here’s Your New Soundtrack

Think of the corniest joke you've ever heard. Now, think about who told you that joke. Chances are, that person was your father. And, we're okay with that, because dad humor is endearing and amazing. But, because of their propensity to tell the kind of jokes you'd read on a popsicle stick, dads are not often considered "cool." Two Brooklyn musicians (and parents) are trying to change that perception. The Walkmen's bass player Walter Martin and the National's Matt Berninger teamed up on a new song called "We Like The Zoo." It's the kind of tune you'd expect to hear on a kid's record, but also totally enjoyable — kind of like when you bring a child to see Monsters Inc. but also have the time of your life. Martin wrote about his inspiration for the tune on his Soundcloud account, "It wasn't that I wanted to write songs to suit my new situation as a parent, it was more that parenthood made relevant writing the kind of songs I've always loved most."
The album, We're All Young Together, comes out May 13. Until then, check out the zoo track below. Martin's not a regular dad — he's a cool dad. (Vulture)

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