Scandal Recap: The Mona Lisa Of Boom

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Every week, we'll be recapping all of the totally ridiculous — yet totally awesome — developments on our favorite political drama, Scandal. Check out all of our past recaps here.
Last week, the Grant family finally seemed to find some peace (although we are still waiting for Mellie's ultimate reveal). But, everyone else was left in chaos. Abby found Harrison passed out after Adnan literally stabbed him in the back. Adnan was able to steal blue prints of the White House and official documents for Mama Pope. Ronan appeared to join Olivia's mission of taking down B613, and everything seemed to be leading to an official fake-relationship-breakup between Olivia and Jake. Here are tonight's moments that left us surprised, outraged, and yelling "really?" at our television:
Why does Liv even momentarily trust her father still? We get that he is her dad, but he also used to be Command. We are glad that Huck is the voice of reason. Although, it is really sad that out of all of the characters, Huck is the voice of reason.
Will Adnan Salif's return to the States ultimately end up with Harrison in jail? Last week, the actor playing Harrison, Columbus Short, was arrested and charged with felony battery. If he has to take a leave from the show, will one of Pope's associates end up fictionally locked up?
How old are these people? Seriously, Mellie, Fitz, and Andrew just walked out on Abby because they were expecting Olivia? Who gets to leave a meeting because they don't like how it is going? Oh, right, no one who has a job the next day.
"Am I your fluffer today?" As problematic as Fitz and Liv are together, they do have the best one-liners during their fights. Well, OK, Liv has the best one-liners. Fitz just kind of stands there, unleashing the occasional screaming rant.
Do not unlock that door. Enough said. We may not be truly on Team Fitz, but we also aren't really on Team Jake. Hey D.C. bachelors, any of you available for Liv? Because, we seriously need to find her a man that is not a murderer, liar, or cheater. Any takers?
Everyone should give up on Reston's campaign. Really did anyone ever take him as a serious candidate? The fact he thinks he is about to become the most powerful man on the planet is laughable.
"Do you have any advice that doesn't involve insulting me?" Abby's answer (without hesitation) of "no" was perfect. We hope we get to see Leo and Abby team up more often.
Charlie just keeps getting creepier and creepier. Truly we hope Quinn is currently planning her escape route. Huck has flaws, but he is not as creepy as Charlie.
Huck wins. We love Olivia Pope. Even when we shouldn't, we can't help but truly love her. But, that doesn't mean we are blind to how she uses every single person around her. It was refreshing to see Huck call her out for that, and tell her she had to do something she didn't want to do. Plus, the thing she didn't want to do is have sex with Scott Foley. There are worse things.
Those ties. Nothing broke our hearts more than seeing Mellie pick up and straighten those ties. When will Fitz grow up? We understand he is upset that Mellie cheated on him. But, he has been flaunting his affair with Liv for years.
When will the Grants get kicked out of The White House? We have never been President, or even spent much time in The White House, but we feel confident that public, violent feuds aren't recommended. Last week Fitz publicly slapped his future VP, and this week the first lady slapped the President. Seriously, no blind items were written about that?
The Mona Lisa of Boom. We wonder if Olivia still thinks that some battles are "winnable" after this last twist? Her mother trying to kill her boyfriend. But, the real question is how did Jake get there so quickly? He had his hand around Olivia's neck in the time it took them to pour the booze and start a toast. That is absurdly fast even if their offices are down the street.
There is nothing that will keep us from next week's episode. It looks dramatic, over the top, emotional, exciting, and everything we expect from Scandal. Plus, they didn't oversell it like the episode where James was shot. So, we have high expectations.

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