Emma Watson Pranks Daniel Radcliffe, Shows Her Dark Side

hp_embedPhoto: REX USA/Rex.
Don't let Emma Watson fool you with her innocent cherub-faced appearance. According to her former co-star Daniel Radcliffe, Watson is much more cunning than she lets on.
"Emma Watson, when I was like 14, told me that one of my favorite bands had broken up," the actor recalled in a recent interview. "It was, like, really early in the morning so I hadn't even got that it was April 1 yet. I was a fan of this band called the Libertines, who were very fractious and they might have broken up at any point, and she came in and went, 'It's happened, it's finally happened!'" Radcliffe admits that as soon as Watson saw his lip beginning to quiver and his face turning red, the jig was up. As it turns out, her cruelty does have its limits.
Unfortunately for Radcliffe, the Libertines did eventually split up, which likely was a dark day in the actor's history. We wish we could have been there for you, pal. (Hollywood)

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