What Miley Cyrus’ Loss Means In The Age Of Social Media

Miley Cyrus' dog, Floyd, has passed away. That might not be CNN headline news (well, considering the age we live in, it could be), but it is something to take note of when you consider our generation's penchant for oversharing.
Social media, for better or worse, has made connecting with our favorite celebrities easier than ever. They connect with us, we connect with them. Our idols become accessible and, in some cases, even talk back to us as we tweet, comment on, and share their every update. So, when something like a pet's passing happens, it affects not just the star in question, but her fans as well.
Miley's tweets breaking the news humbled her. In openly experiencing loss, she showed herself to be just as human as anyone else online. And, because she and her fans are no longer separated by some invisible Wall of Celebrity, devotees share in Miley's sadness by sending up loads of sympathetic tweets. It's clear on her various social media accounts (click ahead for some of our favorite snaps), that Cyrus and Floyd had something special. Luckily, she has a family of nearly 18 million to fall back on — and a tour to finish up, so she can see them all in person.

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