Kurt Cobain Images Show Suicide Note

kurt_embedPhoto: REX USA/Stephen Sweet.
April 8th marks 20 years since Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain took his own life. And, just like the rest of his fans, we've spent this time mourning the loss of a true talent. Recently, the Seattle Police Department took a second look at the details of Cobain's death. While they didn't find any additional information that would merit reopening the case, they did release new photos from that fateful day.
In these 29 new images of the rocker's death scene, we can now see Cobain's suicide note, which is marked up with a red pen. We can also see his wallet with his I.D. pulled out, as well as shots of his apartment, littered with cigarette butts, and his notorious cigar box filled with drug paraphernalia. To be sure, it's a sad collection of photographs. But, it does provide further closure for fans and friends alike.
Check out the full set of images. Though you may need a (heart-shaped) box of tissues. (Rolling Stone)

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