So, How Fabulous Is Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Fabulous Life?

There was a time when VH1 reigned supreme in pop culture content. Between I Love The 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and Best Week Ever, the cable channel was pretty much a living, breathing Tumblr dashboard.
One of VH1's most prominent shows sought to demystify the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Enter The Fabulous Life of..., which brought us into the fantasy world and spending habits of the zeitgeist's biggest bigwigs. Though the Internet and immediacy of social media have given us recent glimpses into these worlds, trumping TV programming, the hit show is looking to make a comeback. Full episodes are now available on YouTube, and the newest is The Fabulous Life of Beyoncé and Jay Z.
It goes without saying that America's royal family lives the fabulous life. But, man, nothing could've prepared us for the diamond, platinum, and gold dripping from this episode. It's a fairy tale for the modern age, complete with fancy yachts, helicopter rides to the Hamptons, and lots (and lots) of baby gifts for Blue Ivy.
The Fabulous Life breaks down celeb's spending habits into various categories like home, getaways, and gifts, casually dropping numbers — and flashes them across the screen with jingling sound effects. We took it upon ourselves to add up the figures glittering before our eyes just to see how fabulous Bey and Jay's life really is. It's slightly unnerving to think this kind of moolah exists, but, hey, who's counting? Oh, right, we are.

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