Emma Watson & Douglas Booth Cry About The Pressure Of Crying

Acting is a stressful craft, people. You've got to look good, you've got to sound good, and you've got to be on point. All. The. Time. The pressure can get to you — especially when you're filming an epic action flick like Noah.
Co-stars Douglas Booth and Emma Watson play two lovebirds aboard the famous ark, and during the shoot, they learned a few things about committing to your craft despite all sorts of obstacles. Seriously, we're talking battles of humongous proportions, working through sweltering heat and freezing temperatures, and, oh yeah, the flood of the century. So, it's only natural that they broke down on set a little.
But, don't worry, it was all in good fun. They sat down with us to dish on the totally badass filming of Noah, and to also wax poetic on one of their mutual loves: the good ol' U.S. of A. That's right, these feisty Brits love America and they're not afraid to show it. Watch our video to see Doug and Emma share their thoughts about taking on a role of biblical proportions and charm our pants off.

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