Mila Kunis & Channing Tatum Spice Up Space In Jupiter Ascending

If you've ever wondered if Channing Tatum would still be a babe if he had pointy ears, a blonde goatee, and a neck tattoo, look no further than the theatrical trailer for Jupiter Ascending for a definitive yes. What can we say? This guy cant not look good.
The sci-fi blockbuster from the Wachowskis, due out this summer, has Tatum coming to the rescue of a pre-preggers Mila Kunis. Turns out she's a flannel-clad cleaning lady who discovers she's a princess and the sworn enemy of an an evil leader, played by Eddie Redmayne. Cue explosions, high-tech intergalactic sets, an appearance from Sean Bean, and some nifty special effects.
The trailer also features a steamy smooch between Tatum and Kunis, the latter of whom sports an amazingly gorgeous and futuristic gown. Action, adventure, and a spot of romance? Count us in. (Yahoo! Movies)

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