If Frank Underwood Ran Westeros: House Of Thrones

The newest season of House of Cards debuted on February 14. And, we may have skipped any and all Valentine's Day plans to binge-watch the entire season #noregrets. Now, we're kind of biding our time until the next big premiere: April 6, Game of Thrones, baby. But, what do we do to fill the gap between Frank Underwood and Khaleesi? You know, aside from spending every Sunday night with Norman Reedus and Co.
Enter: House of Thrones. Created by Toasty TV, this video portrays what life would be like if Underwood were in Westeros. Naturally, he's still running things. The idea is such a natural fit for our favorite power-hungry politician. Why settle for a mere presidency when you can run an entire kingdom? (Mashable)

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