Sorry, I Have To Take This: Your Guide To Bad-Date Rescue Apps

The ongoing proliferation of dating apps has not only increased the number of romantic tête-à-têtes, but also the number of ones gone horribly awry. Thankfully, a series of digital antidotes have cropped up to help save you from that self-involved banker with bad breath. Here, a brief guide to some bad-date rescue apps every single person needs to know now.
The most common way to get out of a bad date is by having a friend place a perfectly timed phone call and feigning an emergency that you just have to see to. Tickle gets your friend off the hook by sensing when you're uncomfortable through the use of a motion sensor and automatically placing a fake phone call. But, don't relieve your friend of their bail-out duties just yet: Tickle is still in the beta stage.
eHarmony's Bad Date Rescue
eHarmony giveth, and eHarmony taketh away. While the online dating site has been responsible for many successful couplings, its likely had a hand in its share of dates from hell as well. So, it's only fair that they offer an ejection button in the form of this app, which includes a timer to set for a rescue call as well as built-in excuses to use, because "my dog set my house on fire" will only work so many times.
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