The Other Woman Trailer Gets Emojified

The upcoming revenge comedy The Other Woman will be notable for introducing us to two potentially earth-shattering things: Nicki Minaj, the actress, and the world's first-ever emoji trailer. While we have to wait until April 25 to see if Minaj has the chops, we can watch the emoji trailer below, and decide all together whether or not we want it to become a thing.
What is an emoji trailer, you ask? Well, the concept is simple: The action of the trailer unfolds while corresponding emoji pop up like captions below. In this case, the action involves a glamorous business woman (Cameron Diaz) who befriends her boyfriend's wife (Leslie Mann) and together, they plot to give him man-breasts...or something. Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj also join in on the fun.
The 20th Century Fox comedy should have no problem attracting older women in search of some cinematic schadenfreude. That makes this trailer an overt ploy to to lure the 18-24 female demo, for whom emoji are basically a second language. Take a look and let us know, should every movie trailer from here on in be emojified? Or, should this be banished to the dungeon of Internet-experiments-gone-wrong?

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