Jessica Chastain Is Your New Internet BFF

What do we know about Jessica Chastain? We know today is her 37th birthday (she's a classic fiery Aries), but we don’t know much beyond that. Does she prefer a buttery Chardonnay or a deep red Merlot? Does she change colors each time she gets a manicure or is she a loyal Lincoln Park after Dark kind of girl? Has she ever had a pen pal? What does Jessica Chastain think of Indian food?
Fortunately for us, Jessica Chastain keeps an immaculately curated Facebook page. Yes, she, as in the actress herself, curates her social media profile. (How freakin' awesome is that?) Oftentimes, it's usually a celeb's assistant updating statuses because so-and-so is too busy being so-and-so. Learning this little tidbit about one of our favorite redheads has us falling in love all over again.
Here are some things we’ve come to learn about Chastain, gleaned entirely from her profile.

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