Lily Cole Makes The Impossible Possible With New App

lily_embedPhoto: via @lilycole.
Former model and current dreamer Lily Cole has entered the tech world with the launch of a new “wish-granting app." The social-web platform is called Impossible, and it operates under a simple motto: "Give a wish, take a wish." The app allows members to make a request — either for something tangible like a "drawing of a Koala" or something intangible like some #ChillVibes — in exchange for a gift they can share with the community.
Like a tiny Jiminy Cricket you've imprisoned inside your phone, the app aims to fulfill the dreams of participants while simultaneously encouraging the trade of practical information.
According to Elle, “Those following a specific topic — #GoodKarma, perhaps, or #DesignerShoes — will see the link, and if they can help, they will. Likewise, if you’ve got something to give — anything from language lessons to yoga tips — you can offer it up on the site.”
Let’s be clear: Lily Cole has created a place on the Internet where literally anyone, shielded by a protective blanket of anonymity, can go to make personal requests — huge, throbbing personal requests. And, where free from the scorn of society’s harsh gaze, they can share their quivering, engorged dreams.
Cole acknowledges that the site is setting itself up for sex requests and Internet pervs at large, but that she and her team are prepared. "It’s something we thought about in development, definitely. So we do have moderation and we do keep a big eye on it. And we’ve built tools so the community can flag what’s inappropriate. But sex hasn’t really been the issue, at least not yet." (Elle)

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