Selena Gomez's Naked Insta Takes A Cue From Shailene Woodley

Word on the street is sunning your lady-bits is the new black for finding happiness. Shailene Woodley is a proud advocate for letting the sun shine where it normally doesn't, and Selena Gomez is apparently hip to the vitamin D tip, too.
Case in point: her latest pseudo-selfie. Though its been blurred for, you know, artistic effect, Gomez's recent share doesn't leave much to the imagination — or so we're meant to believe. Look closely, the copious amount of sunlight has rendered her frame into a silhouette. Is there cloth censoring her au naturale morning sun salutation, or has her daily jump for joy inside a semi-transparent panel strategically hidden her nude-it-ay? Unless Gomez's camera has an extended self(ie)-timer, it's safe to assume this was a premeditated greeting to the world between her and an unseen camera wielder. But, more importantly, this might be the most successful use of the Kelvin filter, like, ever. A slow clap for you, Ms. Gomez, you win the selfie game today. (The Gloss)
Photo: via @selenagomez.

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