Celebrity Guilty Crushes We Need To Come Clean About

Merriam-Webster defines a guilty pleasure as "something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt." Using the notion of knowledge transference, it can safely be assumed that a guilty crush would be defined as "a strong feeling of romantic love that's typically not expressed but induces a usually minor feeling of guilt." Well, we're going to bend the definition a little because we've been crushing on these folks for too long and have to, as Madonna says, express ourselves.
These are the celebs that irk us, make headlines ranging from the most banal to the most outrageous, and polarize the general public. But, no matter what antic they've got hidden up their sleeve, we can't help but gaze upon them with a skewed sense of longing. It's not even totally romantic; most of these are more like friend crushes. (Okay, so some people on this list are regulation hotties, but it might be their bad boy and gal persona that gets us boiling.) Either way, we're of the belief that it's better to voice our appreciation rather than let it boil up inside before it becomes too much and we're drowning in all of the feelings. So, without further adieu, here are our guiltiest of celebrity crushes that just can't stay hidden anymore.

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