On The Rise: Meet The Producer Heating Up Ultra

new-gibvz-embedPhoto: Courtesy of GiBBZ.
With festival season approaching and artists embarking on tours that will take them through the summer and beyond, we thought it would be fun to play a round of a classic road-trip game with some of our favorite musicians. This is 20 Questions, Festival Tracker style.
For this week's edition of 20 Questions, we catch up with electronic pop maestro GiBBZ just before Miami morphs into the giant ball of neon, swimsuits, and sweat known as Ultra. While GiBBZ's brand of '80s-leaning production is a little more chilled-out than some of the other beat-droppers heading to Florida, his interview answers are as wild as they come. Read on for what he has to say about life as an EDM roadwarrior.

Go-to fast food on tour:

Favorite karaoke song:
"Doobie Brothers — 'What A Fool Believes.'"

Worst on-tour sleep situation:
"I once did a whole tour sleeping next to Eric Krasno's semi hollow body guitar in my bunk. It never put out. Not once."

Go-to outfit for the stage:
"I always wear a jacket on stage so I have extra pockets for pretzel storage."

Best random on-the-road purchase:
"Nerf guns for the whole crew + plenty of extra ammo."

Favorite phone game:

"Solitaire. I'm a fu*king bore."

Energy drink of choice:

Best set you've seen lately:

"This chick showed me her set in Philly. They were A+."

Favorite album for a long drive:
"The Get Up Kids, Something To Write Home About."

The thing you're most looking forward to at Ultra:
"Shiny things to look at and kids making miserably poor decisions."

Check out the rest of the interview ahead.

Most important item to pack before going on tour:

Best gift from a fan:
"I was given a hat by a marine who said he wore it for an entire tour in Afghanistan. That guy rules."

Most days without showering on tour:

Most memorable past Miami experience:
"Last years PLM showcase at Ultra, and the unspeakable mischief that ensued in the morning hours following it."

Favorite road-trip game:
"Blind the driver."

One thing you miss most about being home:

Fantasy musician you'd open for:


Favorite on-the-road tradition:
"The whole crew sharing a bottle of Jameson after load out."

Least favorite place to drive through:
"East Coast borders into and out of Canada. They don't take kindly to musicians and they keep their gloves in the freezer."

If you had to pick a different band name, what would it be:
"Mike's Super Friendly Friendship Party Extravaganza Featuring Mike."

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