The Tom Hanks Rap Video You Never Thought You’d See

Remember how weirded out you felt when you saw Ron "Opie" Howard macking in the club in Jamie Foxx's "Blame It (On The Alcohol)" video? Prepare to relive that sensation.
Rap group Buckwheat Groats has found an even more unlikely muse for its latest single: none other than Mr. Squeaky Clean himself, Tom Hanks. And, thanks to the wonders of CGI, the two-time Oscar winner appears in the R-rated video for "Tom Hanks." If you aren't ready to see the nicest guy in Hollywood digitally get lap dances, wave around guns, or conduct drug deals, you may not want to watch. If you are, well, the whole thing is pretty freaking hilarious.
We can only imagine what ol' Forrest thinks of his new gangsta image; though, his own son rapper Chet Haze has tweeted that the video is a "work of genius." We could have done without seeing poor Meg Ryan and Sally Field reduced to portraying CGI strippers, and we're sure the actresses will agree.
One thing is for sure, though: We'll be struggling to get the lyric "Hanks, Hanks, b***h I'm Tom Hanks" out of our head. (E! Online)

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