Are Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez Engaged?

42-54658037Photo: Anthony J. Causi/Splash.
Are Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez ready for the next step in what has maybe, possibly been a whirlwind romance? And, we're not just talking about an engagement, but is the duo getting married at Niagara Falls? Look, honestly, we can't put much of any credence into anything involving the amazing maybe-BFFs-maybe-BGFFs pairing of actor and model anymore. Remember when Rodriguez spoke about the couple's relationship and then her representatives denied it the very next day? Yeah, it's just a tad confusing.
Now comes the even more perplexing rumor that the two are planning a Niagara Falls wedding soon. "It’s typical of Cara to want to do something crazy and impulsive," says the Daily Star's anonymous source. "But she seems deadly serious." More than that, the source claims that the pair will be getting married hundreds of feet above the churning waters in a helicopter. "She thinks flying above Niagara falls would be perfect — like a no man’s land.” Get. Out.
We're leveling with you here: There is not one bit of evidence to suggest this rumor is anything but an amazing fantasy. That said, there isn't one part of this sci-fi dream we don't want to be true. Ladies, we don't actually care if you're really a couple anymore. But, please, can you just consider getting married in a helicopter above Niagara Falls, at least for our sake? (Crushable)

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