The Time Michelle Rodriguez & Cara Delevingne Got Drunk & Made Out

Last night at Madison Square Garden, exactly zero effs were given by Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne. The Fast And The Furious star hung out with the rabble-rousing model while watching the Knicks game, and we aren't going to go out on any limbs here by suggesting that perhaps some alcohol consumption took place. (We don't blame them; the Knicks/Pistons game was painful to watch.) They were sprawled all over the place, mugged for the camera, made out, and then smoked e-cigarettes. At a Knicks game. Because there is nothing that encourages athletes like drunk celebrities blowing smoke from courtside.
Legs and arms were akimbo, hair was messed up, and sitting upright in a chair seemed nigh impossible. All in all, the two seemed to enjoy mugging for the paps and getting their smooch on, which is totally kosher — except for the poor saps who were stuck sitting behind them. Let's break it down...
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