Miley Cyrus Got A New Tattoo (You’ll Never Guess Where!)

Miley Cyrus is making sure it's very clear she can't be tamed, and that she can't stop, won't stop, etc. So, now if Instagram photos are to be believed, Miss Cyrus took some time off from her busy tour schedule to get inked. And, it appears she chose to be branded with a sad-faced yellow-kitty tattoo. Not that shocking, you say? Well, she got the kawaii symbol on her inside lip. Of course, excitable types are already making comparisons to Ke$ha's "Suck It!" inner-lip tattoo controversy in 2012. But, right now, we have no idea if Miley's feline marking is a real tattoo or a temporary one (though we can't help but hope the latter). With over 600k Instagram likes and a spate of gossip blogs in a tizzy, it almost doesn't matter. Either way, Miley's lip service has been paid, and the mark has been made. Check out her inner lip inkage below. (Huffington Post)

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