Lady Gaga Got Puked On For ARTPOP — No, Really

Lady Gaga got puked on again. No, this isn't some re-occurring theme in the provocateur's artistic endeavors (yet). Instead, it's a deep foray into the psyche of pop music with the intention of abolishing the industry standards that keep its message from progressing. Or, it's just, quite literally, music vomit — shock for shock's sake.
Here's what went down at Gaga's head-scratching appearance at the Austin festival. She donned her Marilyn Monroe-Marley dreads, a bra, and underwear, sang the intro to "Swine," and banged on a drum with a wannabe glow-stick drumstick. Meanwhile, a girl wearing a (if you can believe it) toned down version of Miley Cyrus' naked dress chugged a bottle of green liquid by her side. The pop-house beat kept building, the girl kept chugging, and Gaga kept on wailing (no, not that kind of #whaling) until the girl vomited all over the Lady. Eventually the two straddled a mechanical bull/piano and continued to make fetch ARTPOP happen.
"F*ck you, pop music! This is #ARTPOP!" Gaga screamed as the girl, who was now chugging black goo, kept puking on her. It was all a hot, sticky mess that only added to the confusion of what the heck ARTPOP even means. Does it mean puke? Does it mean dreadlocked wigs and rubber aprons? Mechanical bull piano flailing? ARTPOP could mean anything! Or, it could mean absolutely nothing.
Lady Gaga, folks, keepin' Austin weird.

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