Emma Watson Dons A Canadian Tuxedo For Elle

1Photo: Courtesy of Elle.
Have we told you lately that we love Emma Watson? And, no, it's not just because of our Harry Potter obsession — although that doesn't hurt. The sassy Brit is so talented, and her style is always on point, to a near-annoying degree. All of this is precisely why we weren't totally flummoxed when we saw her wearing a straight-up denim jumpsuit on the newest cover of Elle. Yes, the ensemble is a bit, well, unconventional (if we're being nice).
But, we're going to give Watson the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is a good reason for this slight fashion mishap. Perhaps she's harkening back to the early aughts in honor of her Harry Potter days. Or, maybe she's donning the Canadian tuxedo because she wishes JT and Britney would get back together. Emma, if you're reading, please advise.
Anyway, she still looks totally gorgeous on this cover, and we love her outfits in the interior shots. Click through to see some of our favorite photos, or head over to Elle to read what Emma has to say about being a celebrity — and starring in the upcoming Noah movie. (Elle)
2Photo: Courtesy of Elle.
4Photo: Courtesy of Elle.
3Photo: Courtesy of Elle.

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