Scandal Recap: “It’s Literally Murderers’ Row”

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After last week's reveal that Adnan Salif and Mama Pope are working together, we knew this week's episode of Scandal would keep us on our toes. And, it did. With all of the love triangles, we sometimes forget there is an election to win, or re-win, in some cases. Tonight Sally and Fitz go head to head in the presidential debate. And, we lost a few characters, possibly one beloved, in the process. Here are the moment's that had us most surprised, outraged, and yelling "really?" at our television:
"Time for the slaughter, piggy piggy." Sally's practice debate was passionate. Not sure what else we can say about that.
David Rosen came to Olivia to take down Cyrus? Yes, the world of politics is small. But, really, David confided in Cyrus' mentee and friend to try and take him down? What made him decide this was a good idea?
"It's literally murderers' row. No matter who gets elected, they're all murderers." Olivia's laughing outburst was unsettling. But, she does make a good point — what else can you do when you realize all three presidential candidates have killed someone? You can't really win. We are glad Olivia found her senses quickly enough to call out Cyrus for dirtying the election all over again.
ACME Limited is real? If B613 has an actual paper and supplies company that they run, and an actual office, why did Rowan make up another job to tell his family all of those years? Wouldn't it have been easier to just say say he worked at the fake company he was already a part of?
How do the gladiators get paid? It seems Abby, Harrison, and Huck are still employees of Pope & Associates while Olivia is President Grant's campaign manager. If they aren't associated with The White House, we doubt they're getting a paycheck signed by Fitz. But, we aren't sure what clients are paying them.
Rowan's great plan was to back Sally? Honestly, we are a little disappointed. We were expecting something bigger, grander. We figured his scheme would be flawless. But, Sally's chance of becoming president is and has always been slim.
Cyrus admitted he was wrong. It is a rare moment, so we might as well document it in writing.
Fitz has a backbone after all. Honestly, encouraging Sally to admit she murdered her husband during the live debate was a selfish and not very thoughtout move. But, at least we saw Fitz think for himself. He so rarely takes a stand in his own life, especially against Olivia. It was refreshing...but, luckily for everyone, short lived. Olivia was once again right.
James really can't play this game. When bugging your husband, a family picture you gifted him is not a subtle hiding spot.
Kissing in front of an open window? The White House has a lot of security. But, it still doesn't seem like the POTUS should be conducting his extramarital affair in broad daylight...literally.
Who did Jake shoot? In all honesty, if we had to vote between losing David or James, we would vote to lose James. So, naturally, Jake probably shot David. The one good thing? It will be nice to see Olivia don the white hat again. But, we are actually hoping someone was walking up behind James and David (perhaps Quinn or Charlie?) and that is whom Jake shot.
And, who was Jake initiating? There is a new member of B613 in town. It could be Quinn, but since we never saw whom Jake was talking to, we think it is someone else. Cyrus? James? Mama Pope (we did miss her this week)? We guess we will have to wait until next week to find out.

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