Lily Allen Clears Up Those Anti-Feminist Quotes

rexusa_1925987ajPhoto: Rex usa.
Forget all that noise about Lily Allen "hating the word 'feminism'" and thinking that women are their own worst enemies. After experiencing fallout from her controversial interview with ShortList, the British pop star wants to make one thing clear: "Of course I'm a feminist," she says.
Allen now says she was misquoted. By saying that feminism "shouldn't even be a thing anymore," she claims she meant that there should no longer be any debate over whether or not women should have equal rights. Got it?
In her interview with The Debrief, the Sheezus singer says she'd like to see more women in the music industry, where she feels disrespected because of her gender. "I know that I get talked to in label meetings, and by executives, like a woman," she says. "It’s demoralizing and sneering, and we apparently don’t have an opinion. It’s done in a way to make you feel ashamed, whether they know they’re doing it or not. There are women in the room, in those meetings, and no one says, 'Don’t talk to her like that.' That’s the only way I feel like it’s going to change, when people start saying, 'You can’t f*cking do that!'"
Alas, the interview doesn't touch on Allen's remarks about women being horrible to each other. We'd love for her clear that one up! (The Debrief)

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