Would You Let Someone Film Your First Kiss?

A first kiss is a wonderful thing. Well, most of the time. It’s like a promise of what’s to come. And, L.A.-based fashion label Wren has taken this sweetest of human experiences and committed it to film with amazing results.
The brand commissioned videographer Tatia Pilieva to shoot 10 couples — who were complete strangers before they met on set — experiencing their first kiss. As you would expect, the results are varied. Some couples seem quite smitten with one another, while others appear a little awkward, though we’re certain we would feel the same when faced with the task at hand.
The three-minute video has already received over two million views since it was posted on YouTube yesterday. What we’d love to know is what happened after the camera stopped rolling. Did any of the couples stay in touch and have an actual date afterwards? We really hope so.

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