Shailene Woodley Turned Down Fifty Shades Of Grey

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So, Shailene Woodley is set to star in a major Hollywood blockbuster based on a trilogy. As we all know, that film is Divergent, but, had things played out a bit differently, it could have been Fifty Shades of Grey. Tris Prior as Anastasia Steele? Yep, it almost happened.
Though Woodley admits that she was offered the chance to audition for Dakota Johnson's role in the big-screen adaptation of E.L. James' steamy page-turner, she didn't jump at the experience. "I didn’t want to audition for it," she says. "It’s because I had already done Divergent, and I knew there was no way I wanted to do multiple franchises at the same time, because that’s crazy, so I didn’t see the point in it."
Fair play. We wonder if career mentor Jennifer Lawrence — currently starring in both the Hunger Games and X-Men franchises — warned her about doubling up. Though Woodley still hasn't met the actress, she says J Lawr told her that "small things will change, but if you stay who you are, nothing will change. The big picture won’t change. It’s only going to make your life greater and you’ll be so grateful for it. Don’t be stupid, don’t make a sex tape, don’t do drugs, don’t go to Whole Foods the day the movie opens, and you’ll be fine!”
No sex tape? Guess that does leave Fifty Shades out! Lawrence, meanwhile, has already expressed her intention to turn off her phone for a year after wrapping up Mockingjay, but 22-year-old Woodley already has her beat. She doesn't even own a phone. "If I were to have one, it would be a flip phone," she says. "There’s a bigger lack of privacy than there’s ever been, but there’s also a bigger lack of camaraderie and community than there’s ever been. I mean…just asking people for directions. Since I got rid of my phone, having to pull over and be like, 'Hey, buddy — do you know how to get here?' I’m talking to people more than I’ve ever talked to in my life because I no longer have that crutch. The more you get away from all the technological buzz, the more freedom you have."
Sure, sure, but no SnapChat? Unthinkable! (Daily Beast)

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