Found! Footage From The Worst Date, Ever

There's a rule in comedy that real humor lies in real truth. And, we wish we could say the pilot of Local Attraction broke that rule. That, this time, it was funny because it was pure imagination. Unfortunately, it's so real it hurts. It's so truthful it's hilarious. Indeed, the below reenactment, an homage to every horrible social-media date you can imagine, strikes a nerve. Or, should we say, a funny bone. It's got all the classics: martinis, political talk, a d-bag, and a complete misunderstanding of Brooklyn. Trust us, it's worth watching the full 20 minutes, if for no other reason than to know that should you find yourself in similar situation, you're definitely not alone. Watch below, and sound off in the comments about your worst social-media date. As we said, the more real, the more laughs.
Video: Via YouTube.

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