“Martha Stewart Offers Sex Tips” Are Words We Never Thought We’d Say

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Martha Stewart has always had a sense of humor about herself. It was on full display today, when the lifestyle queen sat down for her Ask Me Anything, Reddit's infamous tell-all chats.
Of course, the requisite questions about fine living were asked, which Stewart gainfully answered. For instance, when one Redditer asked if she changes her sheets every day, Stewart responded "Yes. It's a luxury." When an aspiring dinner-party host asked what her go-to recipe for a party snack is, Stewart made it clear the she never, ever serves snacks at parties. "It’s either hors d'oeuvres or a meal," she insisted. "Hors d'oeuvres are prepared foods one would serve with meals or wine. Snacks are something you get out of a bag or a box."
As is often the case with these no-holds-barred public interviews, a few users decided to ask Stewart about her infamous prison stay. If she had a prison nickname: "I think I did, but I can’t remember." What about the slammer cuisine: "There was nothing remarkable about the food at all."
But, by far the greatest advice Stewart gave over the course of her session was her response to this:

"Do you have any good sex tips?"

"Always take a bath before and after."

"Do it DURING a bath. Kills two birds with one stone."

"That’s good too, and don’t forget to brush your teeth."
Thank you Martha. Because of you, we will never forget to brush our teeth before sex ever again. (Reddit)

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