This Vine of Khloe Kardashian Getting Faux-Tanned Is Awkward & Hilarious

The Kardashians are known for documenting every single thing about their lives for the cameras. There's nothing about their every minute that isn't documented, which is why this Vine of Khloe Kardashian getting tanned at a photo shoot isn't that surprising. What is a bit odd is her reaction to what seems like a harmless little beauty treatment. Try and tear yourself away from watching her latest Vine (above) and you'll see what we mean.
This video brings about so many questions. First of all, why so panicky, Khloe? This is a service that you requested, no? Also, she's often got the faux glow going, so why does this seem like a first-time experience? It's almost as funny as the time she got an on-camera bikini wax from sister Kourtney, which was even more terrifying/hilarious/wince-inducing.
Most of us just want a little privacy when we get a spray tan. We just want to get in, spray a little fake sunshine on our bods, and get out — without cameras, weirdness, or nervous fits of laughter. But, we are not Kardashians, and we wouldn't think of having every second of our lives recorded for posterity. That said, Khloe is our favorite of the bunch, and this video has made us rethink the possibilities for how entertaining a tanning experience can be. We'll just take our treatment without digital recordings of it, thanks.

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