Facebook Got A Facelift Yesterday, & You Didn’t Even Notice!

facebook-newsfeedPhoto: Courtesy Facebook.
No, you don't need to fault yourself for not picking up on the fact that Facebook pulled off what amounts to a rather drastic revamp from its perspective. In fact, we, manic FB updaters, didn't notice the change until our friends over at The Verge pointed it out to us.
As The Verge tells us, Facebook has been trying (and apparently failing) to restyle its newsfeed into something more visually compelling and intuitive. As of yesterday, they've made the most significant step forward, employing new fonts (Arial and Helvetica), larger photos and logos, and, most importantly, cleaning out a lot of the visual clutter. Go back to your page for a second (we know you have it open) and take a look for yourself. See? Better!
Now, the reason you probably didn't notice is fairly simple. All the changes were intended to make the experience of viewing your newsfeed more seamless while at the same time not jarring you with the shock of the new. Consequently, the new design is not only familiar to the eye, it's even less distracting than the previous iteration. If you didn't notice a shift, then the Facebook engineers who wanted to focus more on what you see rather than the way you see it succeeded. It's rare that a massive revamp of a website used by millions could, by design, launch mostly unnoticed.
There are other changes — news feeds including "All Friends," "Groups," and "Photos" are gone — and more interesting things to hear about the rebuild. But, from this point, we're going to refer you to The Verge. The folks over there actually know what they're talking about. After all, as we said, we barely even noticed this big change. (The Verge)

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